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You leave the image of flowers, you leave the fragrance of flowers, and you leave our hope of watering together. I think of you, the time is always bright, forever fangfei.


Missing is a kind of happiness sadness, is a kind of sweet melancholy, is a kind of warm pain. Yearning is yesterday's long indulgence and longing for the future.


You bathe a dew, send me a bunch of red roses; you dressed in sunshine, send me off on a journey far away. Today, people still rose, two places, and the autumn wind, Acacia still strong.


I take the air as the postman, binding my hot greetings and missing into a package, printed on the sincere postmark, constant temperature express, the recipient is you.


I want to hug you, especially in the dream, I want to kiss your cheeks, especially at midnight, not I'm not brave enough, just the distance between you and me, dear, I miss you.


Stars across the galaxy can see you? Not afraid of distant, just hope that now at your side. The past, add my thoughts, for million years the same love this life.


You want to, I hope you love, Nian Jun, Jun, drunk, drunk behind Meng Jun! Know wine thick, after re informed!


Rarely encountered in life, intimate friends, your words, eyes, every move, will bring endless warmth. Long life road, from fear of cold, not too lonely.


My love bookmarks, one thousand times, ten thousand times, there is a feeling, it has no beginning and no results, but it always occupy me, that is, the feeling of you.


Miss you is painful, that is in my lonely time miss you, miss you is sweet, that is when I am happy to miss you.


I ignore the time, because wait for you to appear; I ignore the distance, because you appear; I ignore the language, because you have not changed. Dear, miss you.


The cold wind can not cool my love, the hurricane can not blow away my yearning, the noise can not cover my voice, the night can not cover my deep feeling, I really miss you!


Your face is so beautiful, you are so good, you want to get flustered, loves you so nervous, I do not know how the mouth zhang. Will you marry me?


When the moon bends, the yearning also bends, when the moon is round, miss is also round, regardless of the moon is curved, round, miss is a clear poem.


Which careless bartender, the helpless and worried tune together, called me drunk can not wake up, love is such a helpless, that is, when I miss you?


The longest distance is two people was far distance, strangers, suddenly one day, they met, fell in love, the distance becomes very near.


Sitting on the park bench with you, reading our books, listening to our favorite music.


Time flies away, how happy, sad, do not go with just memory, silent faint fragrance.


Don't see your charming looks for a week, as the seven year. In these seven days, you have no time to emerge in my heart!


My love bookmarks one thousand times, ten thousand times, there is a feeling, it has no beginning and no results, but it always occupy me, that is, the feeling of you.


Some things, some people, if deliberately forget, so that does not want to forget, the feelings in the end, is really their own thing.


I do not know the taste of parting is so desolate, I do not know to say goodbye to be so strong. Only separation, let time to forget this tacit understanding.


Lonely soul, tears in the eyes, lonely as the sea, sad as sail, want to write on the mind, can not send, want to appeal to love, finally speechless, good to see, your face.


If I become loess, loess will love you; if the grass grows green on the loess, the grass will love you; if the grass is covered with dew, the dew will love you.


Every memory has a password, and I forget the only password that belongs to you and me.


Your eyes blink, I die, your eyes blink again, I live again, your eyes blink, and I die again.


Think of you, thoughts such as the continuous convective clouds drift to you, time seems to no longer flow, stay in the wonderful moment.


No more painful than parting things, but love is in the remote sensing and missing more and more profound, more clearly.


Do you think Japan and Japan, do you know what I see you a piece of my heart, heart feel close, and you hit it off if the neighbor, the thoughts of the heart to invade, compose a poem for Yin Jun.


Mountains and rivers can make people and people obstruct each other, but can not be separated from the heart and heart, whether you go to the ends of the earth. My heart is always with you.


When you leave, I hope you can remember me. Don't ask the world tomorrow, would it be the same.


When I think of you, I forced myself to drink a whole bottle of wine, put myself down, let the mind stop, let the yearning stop, but wake up, want your dream is still in the continuation.


In the ballad of childhood, in the fairy tale of opening and forgetting, in the grass of whispering flowers, I know, your smile is very beautiful, quietly open in my heart.


Then one day, no longer fell in love, the very close two people, far away, even farther than before.


The fate of the arrangement, has let us very happy, after happiness, but it is eternal darkness.


Is that careless bartender, the helpless and worry tune together, call me drunk can not wake up, can this taste, just think of you.


Miss, is through the mountain wind, whirling unceasingly, get in by every opening.


Fate let me meet you, I feel like you, time makes me fall in love with you, miss Let me remember you, heartache reminds me of you.


You are the spring in my memory brilliant, you are the water in my heart gentle, you are far away in my thoughts, you are the scenery in my life forever!


How many accidents make up of life, who can say clearly? Every chance to bring your ups and downs, is your most valuable wealth in this life.


If not for love you, how can the late night not sleepy, each thought is about you, I miss you, miss you.


Since the time I saw you, my soul seems to have been photographed by you, and your shadow has occupied every memory of me. Can you understand me?


The blue sky and the blue sea are bound to last. You and I are in love. I will miss you long and turn into hope and blessing.


Beautiful day arrives, the meaningful lyrical hanging in the tired guitar, past into a distant song, always appear in the days.


Forget the heart of the people actually need more? Many people dilute everything, the sentence is yes. To forget a person, the premise is must really want to forget. It's very difficult to forget what you want to do.


When we met in the day, I am in a daze. Your vibrant body is always with moonlight into my dream, let me worry about non-stop.


My heart is, wanshanhongbian cenglinjinran, in the dry season, missing is the fire, inadvertently think of you.


Oh, the river of yearning is a river that never dries up! It flows day and night, flows continuously, flows to your heart, all flows toward the love sea!


Tell me an address, let me go to your heart, give me a password, let me open your heart.


Stars know my heart, a silly me, waiting for your heart, even if haikudanlan.


How I wish time, stop its steps, let us revisit the past; hope, but also with you together, you and I talked about the friendship.


These days, I really know what people falling in love, that miss that kind of ambition that disturbed by the confusion that is how the pest sultry torture people.


You are everything to me, and I was so blessed when God sent you here for me.


Heartless is not like sentimental bitter, one inch also becomes ten thousand wisp. Distant land is poor, only the Acacia endless.


I keep falling in, too much care, want to keep you, can not see the end of love, the heart will never be calm, will not meet.


Tomorrow you are leaving, please take this small gift in your heart, it will be your faith and strength, encouraging you to overcome fierce storm.


Time is short, we are all old, only keep the memory; in the fantasy will restore themselves to the young appearance.


When you set foot on the platform, then a person walks, you know that I am worried, there are thousands of words in the heart, but can only be deeply condensed to you; I am sad, but will not say the export.


I have eyes, but I can't see you any time. Ears don't hear your voice any time. Hands don't always hold you, but I have a heart that can always miss you.


I love you like love like a rose, love its fragrance, while also accept its thorns, that is your advantage and disadvantage I will accept you!


You are like the duckweed in the water, moving around, so I can't think of it. Can you tell me? How can I catch up with you, how can I stay with you?


Tens of thousands of yearning, solidification in the air. The wind blows to you, with my blessing, lonely I don't care, you happy I meet, miss you is my happiness!


Worry is a wisp of fragrance emanating from the heart, long and distant.


Although I haven't talked to you for a long time, sometimes I think of you in my school days.


Dogs don't lose weight, because they don't miss. People will be thin, because he misses someone else. People are always missed, tortured, in the memory of a poor stray dog.


Man's life is very short, no matter what happens, it is worth me to go back, heart, pain, some of these are on my way into the road.


Don't hesitate to tell me when you meet with difficulties and setbacks, maybe I can't help you, but I hope I can share with you and listen to your depression.


Miss through numerous hills and streams knocking at your door, you can find the window more petals glittering tears.


Think of you, from mouth to heart, from morning till night, everywhere, everywhere, I miss you! A desire is so strong that you want to be with you!


If you have to separate, but also good to say goodbye, but also to thank you in the heart, thank you for giving you a minute memory.


It turned out that our heart is an unknown corner, don't want to be uncovered scars.


I am happy to get your favor and feel sad for being so far away from you. Pray God give me patience, and do not bring us together and pushed too far.


Laughter is the extension of emotion, tears is the purification of emotion. Birth, death is also a male ghost.


Want to lie in your arms again, want you to dry my tears, want to let you hold me, want to kiss your face, want you to say love me!


If love you is wrong, then I don't want to right, if because of the right to lose you, I would rather wrong life.


I miss you not because of my loneliness, but I feel lonely when I miss you. The reason why I feel so lonely is only because I think too deeply.


Gentle heart is given to happy people! Romantic heart! Is to the heart of the eternal heart of love, is sent to wait for people, is willing to give a heart of blessing to my dearest people!


Departure time is too long, miss too much, often lost in endless expectation; winter light, the story of the past, always lifted my endless thoughts.


Rose opened in September, my heart only you, want to be with you, nothing to give you, only one I love you!

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