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1、两情若是久长时,又岂在朝朝暮暮。If love between two long, and do exist。

2、爱情使人心的憧憬升华到至善之境。Love makes the heart imagine sublimation to good。

3、知道你在,我只好,静静地等待。Know what you are, I have to, quietly waiting。

4、离开,是自由的追逐,还是她的不挽留。Leave, is free pursuit, or her not to retain。

5、开始的时侯,我们就知道,总会有终结。Beginning, we know, there will always be an end。

6、不要轻易说爱,许下的承诺就是欠下的债!Don't say love easily, promises the promise is debt!

7、世界上没有未完的故事,只有未死的心。There is no unfinished story, only not die of heart。

8、爱情,你的话是我的食粮,你的气息是我的醇酒。Love, your words are my food, your breath is my wine。

9、真正的爱,在放弃个人的幸福之后才能产生。The real love, after giving up his personal happiness。

10、我所做的一切,我努力改变自己,都是为了你。All I do, I try to change myself, I do it for you。

11、在这,守候着你,谁会了解,我的孤独。Here, waiting for you, who will understand, my loneliness。

12、信爱情,即使它给你带来悲哀也要相信爱情。Believe love, even if it brings you sad to also want to believe in love。

13、一颗心属于你很久,分开了依然爱着。A heart belongs to you for a long time, separated is still in love。

14、我们总在最不懂爱情的年代,遇见最美好的爱情。We are always the most do not understand love s, meet the best love。

15、风吹起如花的流年,而你成为最美的点缀。The wind such as flower of time, and you become the most beautiful ornament。

16、我希望,离别的离别的离别之后,我们总能再相聚。I hope, after parting parting parting, we always can get together again。

17、我,只在做一件事的时候才会想你,那就是呼吸。I only doing one thing, will miss you, that is breathing。

18、有一次,你说爱我。那一瞬间,我以为是永远。Once, you told me you loved me。 That moment, I thought it was forever。

19、如果恋人分手后,还是朋友,那么我就会大胆的爱一次。If after the breakup, or friends, so I will be bold love once。

20、日月潭是太阳与月亮相爱却始终错过的眼泪。Sun Moon Lake is the tears of the sun and the moon in love always miss。

21、其实我不敢想像,没有你,生活会是怎样。In fact, I did not dare to imagine, without you, life will be how to。

22、如果能再见,我是说如果。请不要说再见,好么?I mean if, if can bye。 Please don't say goodbye, okay?

23、说到底,爱情就是一个人的自我价值在别人身上的反映。In the end, the love is a person of a reflection of self-worth on others。

24、爱一个人就是指帮助他回到自己,使他更是他自己。Love a person is to help him return to himself, that he is himself。

25、世上最浪漫和最自私的话就是:你是我一个人的。In the world the most romantic and the selfish words is: you are my one。

26、爱除自身外无施与,除自身外无接受。Besides their own without giving love, in addition to their own no accept。

27、关于爱情,人们有许多定义:爱情是生活中的诗歌和太阳。About love, there are many definitions: love is life in poetry and the sun。

28、世界上最遥远的距离就是我在你面前,你不知道我爱你。The furthest distance in the world is I in front of you, you don't know I love you。

29、毫无经验的初恋是迷人的,但经得起考验的爱情是无价的。No experience of first love is charming, but stand the test of love is priceless。

30、如果你曾骗我,那就一直这样骗下去,骗我一辈子。If you ever lie to me, that have been cheated like this, you cheat me for a lifetime。

31、真正爱你的人不会说许多爱你的话,却会做许多爱你的事。The man who ever really loves you not say many love your word, but will do many love you。

32、我的心变了,你不闻不问。你的爱变了,我不能不问。My heart has changed, you don't。 Your love has changed, I can't help but ask。

33、你走的那天,我决定不掉泪句子澳门金沙真人娱乐网站http://Www.97niggas.com/,迎着风撑着眼帘用力不眨眼。You walk that day, I decided not to tears, against the wind with a eye forcibly not blink。

34、刹真情,不能说那是假的,爱情永恒,不能说只有那一刹。Brake true feelings, can't say that is false, love is eternal, not say only that moment。

35、爱情里要是掺杂了和它本身无关的算计,那就不是真的爱情。If love with nothing to do with its own calculation, that is not true love。

36、喜欢在你身上留下属於我的印记,却不曾记起你从未属於过我。Marks belong to my love in you, but never remember you never belongs to me。

37、我放下尊严,放下了个性,放下了固执,都是因为放不下你。I put down the dignity, put down the individual character, down stubborn, because not put you。

38、正打动人的感情总是朴实无华的,它不出声,不张扬,埋得很深。Is touched people's feelings are always plain, it is silent and not make public, buried very deep。

39、有些人注定是等待别人的,有些人是注定被人等的。Some people is doomed to be waiting for someone else, some people are doomed to people, etc。

40、一个太轻易就能让女人笑的男人,也总能让她哭得更伤情。A man can make a woman laugh too easily, also always makes her cry more injury。

41、承认天底下再没有比爱情的责罚更痛苦的,也没有比服侍它更快乐的事了。Admit that there is no more than to love the pain, no more happy than to serve it。

42、漫步云端,跃下,半空中,放歌;爱上你,堕落也似飞翔。Walking in the cloud, yue, the air, singing in; Fall in love with you, to fall also seems to fly。

43、不爱的爱情,永远不会变坏。所以,我们调情,我们暧昧,却永远不要相爱。Don't love love, never go bad。 Therefore, we flirt, we ambiguous, but never fall in love。

44、失去某人,最糟糕的莫过于,他近在身旁,却犹如远在天边。The worst way to miss someone is to be is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them。

45、人只应当忘记自己而爱别人,这样才能安静幸福和高尚。People should forget about their own and love others, in order to quiet happiness, and noble。

46、只要身边有你,无论富贵与否,我都是世上最幸福的人。As long as you around me, no matter rich or not, all I am is the happiest person in the world。

47、每晚睡前听你说晚安,是属于我的,最简单而持久的幸福。Every night before going to bed to listen to you say good night, belongs to me, the most simple and lasting happiness。

48、我生命里的温暖就那么多,我全部给了你,但是你离开了我,你叫我以后怎么再对别人笑。In the warmth of my life and so much, I all give you, but you leave me, you call I how after again to others laugh。

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