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1、Money talks。钱能通神。

2、Gold can fall dead。金子可以坠死人。

3、More than a stranger。钱多那怕陌生人。

4、Money makes the mare go。有钱使得鬼推磨。

5、Money is Zhu Geliang。有钱就是诸葛亮。

6、A money stumped hero han。一钱难倒英雄汉。

7、Blind eyes open to see。瞎子见钱眼也开。

8、A man knows a thrifty rich。一人知俭一家富。

9、Get rich, hard to die a thousand。发财一家,苦死千家。

10、The eyes of fangendou coins。铜钱眼里翻跟斗。

11、A penny, will lavish money。小钱不知省,大钱将滥花。

12、A purse of money, a sack of distress。一荷包金钱,一麻袋苦恼。

13、How much to save, how much to get。节省下来多少,就是得到多少。

14、Money can talk without money, if not。有钱能说话,无钱话不灵。

15、If money, justice value daughter。钱财如粪土,仁义值千金。

16、We are free to exchange for money。我们换取金钱的代价是自由。

17、Women, money and bad news。女人、金钱和坏事总是新闻。

18、Ability to control money, that is, money。有支配金钱的能力,就是有钱。

19、In addition to the flesh of pain, pain is money。除了割肉疼,就是出钱疼。

20、Money to the public to do painting, fire PigHead。钱到公画办,火到猪头烂。

21、Money and enjoy the happiness is not lust。金钱和享受的贪求不是幸福。

22、The rich man with a conscience, to the upper river。财主有良心,河水向上流。

23、Thrift is consumed in your beauty feast。节俭是你生中食用不完的美筵。

24、Money is a father, a mother, a potential is god。有钱是爹,有奶是娘,有势是爷。

25、When to use is gold, the improper use of fees。当用则万金不惜,不当用一文不费。

26、The backstage boss always money politics。**的后台老板总是金钱。

27、Money can do many eyes faint, Guanmixinqiao。钱迷眼睛发昏句子澳门金沙真人娱乐网站http://Www.97niggas.com/,官迷心窍能作恶。

28、No money to talk like a fart, fart is fragrant rich。无钱说话如放屁,有钱说话屁也香。

29、Three do not make money, make money and Li sihui。张三有钱不会使,李四会使又无钱。

30、Money is not an end, but a means to an end。金钱不是目的,而只是达到目的的一种手段。

31、A powder brush on the face, the money spent on the eye。有粉擦在脸上,有钱花在眼上。

32、The most sacred of us is the noble "money"。我们当中最神圣的乃是尊贵的“金钱陛下”。

33、Money often wants no money, no money to money。有钱常想无钱日,莫到无钱想有钱。

34、The steel shall be on the edge, to spend money in the right way。钢要加在刀刃上,钱要花在正路上。

35、Love, only to follow the intuition, with money or morality。爱情,只遵从直觉,与金钱或道德无关。

36、Friendship is like money, easy to get but not easy to maintain。友谊如金钱一般,容易得到却不易保持。

37、Money like fertilizers, if not spread is not much use。金钱像肥田料,如不散布是没有多大用处的。

38、No money is a sad thing, but money is more sad。没有钱是悲哀的事,但是金钱过剩则更加悲哀。

39、Money talks, bullshit walks, no ghost money or open the door。有钱能使鬼推磨,无钱鬼也不开门。

40、Money is like manure, if you don't put in Tanaka, you have no use。金钱好比肥料,如不撒入田中,本身并无用处。

41、Having a good reputation is more important than having money。拥有一个好的名声比拥有金钱更显得重要。

42、Serves God for money, for more money will serve the devil。为了金钱而侍奉上帝的人,为了更多的钱也会给魔鬼卖力。

43、People hanging hanging higher than the day, the more money and more money。人心吊吊高于天,越是钱多越爱钱。

44、Eternal things not money and power, but justice, and more time。永恒的东西不是金钱和权力,而是正义、多才和时间。

45、If you think of money as God, it will torment you like a devil。如果你把金钱当成上帝,它便会像魔鬼一样地折磨你。

46、Money, in the life of virtue, though no no, is enough to hinder。金钱,人生德行中辎重也,虽万不可无,亦足阻碍进行。

47、Money is not able to solve all the problems, but can solve most of the problems!金钱是不能解决所有的问题,但能够解决大部分的问题!

48、A rabbit in the wilderness, a hundred people, a gold in the opposition, hundreds of competing。一兔在野,百人逐之;一金在野,百人竞之。

49、Life is the sea, money is the boatman。 If there is no boatman, difficult degree of the world。人生是海,金钱是船夫。如无船夫,度世维艰。

50、Credit is not the measure of money, is the survival and development of a magic weapon。信誉是不可以金钱估量的,是生存和发展的法宝。

51、Every friend is treachery adds a bit of money for us the power of trust。朋友的每一次背信弃义都增加了几分我们对于金钱威力的信赖。

52、He will be the most happy person, because he enjoys two kinds of happiness。既会花钱,又会赚钱的人,是最幸福的人,因为他享受两种快乐。

53、Money is a bad thing, it can do good things, but also can do bad things。钱是个可恶的东西,用它可以办好事,也可以做坏事。

54、Money can make you buy the best dog, but only love can make it shake its tail。金钱能让你买到一条最好的狗,但是只有爱才能让它摇尾巴。

55、Greed of money will increase with the amount of money and become increasingly strong。对金钱的贪欲会随着金钱数量的增加而变得愈发强烈。

56、Time factor, the factor of money, lead to the people of the country to read more and less。时间的因素、金钱的因素,导致现在的国人读书越来越少。

57、Money can buy talks, money can buy officials as a rich daddy, milk is the mother, there is potential。有钱能买鬼推磨,有钱能买高官做有钱是爹,有奶是娘,有势是爷。

58、Stupid people, happiness is money and official, intelligent people, happiness is labor and contribution。愚蠢的人,幸福是钱和官,聪明的人,幸福是劳动和贡献。

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