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First love is like a dewdrop of pure emotion, first love is like lightning general enthusiasm, first love is cloudy and sunny summer sky.


Walking on the road will recall the past hand in hand, laughter and laughter through every street, so many years you have never left my heart, perhaps this is the first love unforgettable.


Dripping all kinds of tears and throwing red beans, we can't finish the spring willows and spring flowers.


First love is beautiful, everyone has a good first love.


I remember you said that memory will surpass the years, but today is the memory of tomorrow. I also remember you said that waiting is the beginning of youth, but now I think it is waiting to make youth eternal.


Treat first love kindly, treat every passer-by kindly, only know gratitude, whether it is love or friendship, but also because life is full of gratitude and become more solid and reliable.


First love is the beginning of a feeling, but also means that their heart began to have a person's existence, and then into life, live in dreams.


No matter after many years, I still think of you as my first love. This is my only joy.


First love is like a cup of coffee, the beginning is bitter, and you slowly taste will be sweet.


First love is really ignorant, hazy, pure and sacred. She arouses the initial emotional ripples.


After many years, I still miss my first love, but I still feel sad.


First love is a magical existence. Even though it has been used for many years, it often reminds us of its constant concern.


But life is like this, often unexpected things determine the outcome, everything is too late. Those aspirations that fail to come out can't be said and dissipated. People give it a name called regret.


First love is the most beautiful but unforgettable life, it is a kind of unspoken metaphorical taste, like red plums like endless snow, white, full of endless reverie.


First love, although there is no good result, so many years passed, occasionally still think of you.


We miss the first love, we miss the first love when two transparent hearts, is our first love years that pure heart.


We are green and beautiful this confused city, put the first love a way of life, let us retain a good memory of love.


First love is the ignorant age, an interpretation and yearning for love. At any age, our self-esteem is better than love. This may be the taste of first love.


Meet again is the magic spell in the magic spell, let me never turn back, from then on follow your figure rotation, sometimes happy and sometimes sad.


The feeling of secret love is happy and leisurely, the feeling of first love is lingering, the feeling of love is sour and sweet, the taste of love is not bitter or salty, the waiting for true love is eternal.


First love is for remembering, not for possessive, but for remembrance, it is beautiful, because it can not be doubled.


Why did I become a clown, not a priest, perhaps because I was more sacrificial than a priest.


Meet must be a kind of magic spell, let you stay in my heart, remember your actions, remember your gentle sunshine.


I think of them, I miss them on this cold winter night, I miss my friends, I miss the lives, places, and scenes that are so close to them.


The feeling of first love is so good that one can't look at it. After love, the heart is broken, like a rose, one day it will fade away.


Tears, really can be continuous; and heaven, how can not compare with your smile to me.


Not being loved is a pain, but what is worse is not being loved after being loved.


First love is the first flower that blooms in life.


First love is good and bad. All right, we always remember who our first love was. The bad thing is that we often lose him.


People say the most difficult to forget is the first love, really, three years apart, still remember the slogan when I first met him, but when I think of it, everything is relieved! Like old friends who have known each other for many years!


You have become the biggest concern in my life, you have become a hidden wound in my heart, in order to make your face full of smiles, romantic tenderness tricks are all out.


Ruthless you leave me, I really can not bear the spoony. You hate your life, love you generation. The feeling of first love is sad. Ruthless love is first love.


First love is actually the movement of all memories. Since then, the continuation is only miss, so can be full of love memories, always better than insipid water together.


The season of first love is so gorgeous and colorful, the flowers of first love are so fragrant and bright, the wine of first love is so mellow and intoxicating, I believe that everyone who has tasted the sweetness of first love will remember deeply, and will always miss.


The feeling of first love can only be understood by those who have experienced it. The feelings of those years will give you infinite thought after many years. Thank you for your first love and thank her who is the most beautiful in your heart.


The wind is kind and shy. The wind is like the sweetness of some first love. The invisible wind is the real essence. The colorless wind is the net root of metaphysics. The merciless wind is the Taiji of wisdom. The wind left home.


Do not refuse to say that beautiful oath because it may change, do not dare not ask for a heart-to-heart encounter because it may be separated.


First love is just a small episode of youth. And the world that once passed by me is just passing by.


How to let you meet me, in my most beautiful moment for this, I have prayed in front of the Buddha for 500 years, ask him to let us have a bond.


First love is unforgettable to us, not because of his handsome, not because of her beauty, not because she or he finally broke up, can not become a beautiful.


Beautiful youth, pure first love, too many beautiful longings and hopes spread out in front of people, display, as the author said: love is like a vine accidentally climbed to the bottom of my heart.


Everyone has their own different first love, perhaps sweet, perhaps bitter, but many years later, it must be an unforgettable memory.


First love is like a roller coaster to see the beauty of the moment, even if it is beautiful, but it only exists in that moment, you can not find the same feeling by riding the roller coaster again.


First love is really unforgettable. In the past so many years, I sometimes feel sad.


First love is the most beautiful, but also unforgettable, it is a kind of unspoken metaphorical taste, like red plums, like endless snow, white, full of endless reverie.


Life is so ridiculous, she thought it belonged to her, but left her; she thought it did not belong to her, and was lost by herself.


After leaving, I don't want you to forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget, I miss you too.


First love is the gates of the siege city, some people would rather retreat from the house than go through the muddy water, and some people are determined to complete, take off the thick protective color, into their own happiness paradise.


Recently, I always remember the handsome face of my first love. I used to love it for so many years.


The innocence of our first love is still the most beautiful scenery in our hearts. May our hearts always have a pure feeling; let the most beautiful scenery hide in our souls, and accompany us for life.


Perhaps the first love for everyone is very unforgettable, although it is so pure, giving people a feeling of happiness, but it will continue to fade with time, those memories will continue to fade!


If you still want to retain the original feeling and memories, do not make love with the first lover, love can only make a person, not necessarily can make love, because years later, you are not you, he is no longer him.


In this city, I believe there must be someone who, thinking the same thing, with a similar frequency, has arranged to meet me at a lonely exit of a certain station.


The feeling of first love is like a broken kite! I want to find you but I can't find it! After finding, cannot face again! But first love is hard to forget.


If two people get along with each other, they will avoid cold. If you want to keep the novelty of love forever, then the best way is that both of them have their own space, and both of them are moving on.


I think people and people, from love to end, a relationship no longer always want to leave something. It's like flowers fading, petals falling, paper burning, ashes left, stars falling, and meteors making people wish.

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