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Some people, once encountered, will see for thousands of years; some heartbeat, once started, will be unable to recover.


If a woman really loves you, she will be angry with you because of many things, but always stick to your side.


Spring brings a new look to the earth, spring brings spring to the school, spring gives us joy and hope, and urges us to make progress.


My horseshoe is a beautiful mistake. I am just a traveler, not a return person.


The hills are black as iron, solemn and solemn. The red sun rose, and the peaks were black and blue. Then the mist began to spread, and the white cream gauze separated the mountains.


Memory is poured in the palm of the water, whether you open or grip, will eventually flow from the fingertips drop by drop clean.


Don't fantasize about your ideals. Be passionate. Everything is contented.


Those who think of you will come to see you, and those who love you will do everything possible to come to you.


Nothing is forever, and nothing will be long. Find an excuse. Anyone can go first.


Life is a choice. Once you make your choice, you must live in your decision.


How many nights, the little desk lights shining, accompanied me to review my lessons, it most knows my troubles and joy.


If your childhood isn't fun, your teenagers aren't easy to learn, your teenagers aren't determined, and you don't start a business in middle age, then your life will pass away with age.


The bright moon, like a jade plate, hung high in the pale blue sky. The moonlight poured down like a running water, and the earth was silvery white.


The true feelings in the world are like a big net, warming people's hearts all the time, just like mother's love, never ending.


Out of the warmth of the building, just to the door of the building, a gust of cold wind came, I immediately felt cold, as if it had reached the North Pole.


Love is the best thing in the world. Even if it breaks your heart, forget it with a smile and start the next journey.


We are like needles on the surface, constantly turning, turning, watching the time rush away, but powerless.


When you are accustomed to a life, then, your life is only one day; if you live a new life, then you will have a wonderful day.


I picked a jewel-like grape and put it in my mouth. A sweet, really sweet taste soaked my body and mind at once and made me feel comfortable all over.


Not too much distress, but we do not understand life; not too little happiness, but we do not know how to grasp.


Those who dare to face difficulties are strong, and those who dare to challenge adversity are strong.


How a person looks at himself determines his fate and points to his destination.


In the distant place can smell a pungent fragrance, make people drool, then mango fragrant and sweet, make you smell not enough, eat not tired.


Life is like a mountain. What matters is not its height, but its beauty. Life is like a rain. What matters is not its size, but its timeliness.


As long as you want, as long as I have. Pour all I can and do all I can. I can't give you second people. No more than second people you gave me.


Respect is a wisp of spring breeze, a clear spring, a warm heart-relaxing pill, a Heart-Strengthening agent that inspires people.


Time did not teach me anything, but taught me not to believe in myth easily.


Keep moving forward. Don't care what others say and do what you have to do for yourself!


Time is a poem, a poem containing rich philosophy, time is a camel, carrying countless people's dreams.


There is a broken broken flower schoolbag in my desk-hop, though worn, but it is my boat, a treasure.


Life is like a multiple-choice question. It is not the question itself but the many options that bother you.


If we are all children, we can stay where we are, sit together and listen to stories that never grow old.


Life is like a game of chess. It is a sad thing to make a mistake one step and lose the whole game. And life is better than a game of chess. It is impossible to play another game and regret it.


The penholder is made of Coca-Cola cans with hundreds of small conch shells attached to the surface to form a strange pattern.


Sometimes, your words can make me think for a few days. Sometimes, your words can also make me disappointed for a few days. This is care.


Living is a kind of mood, poor or rich, good or bad, everything is in the clouds, as long as the mood is good, everything is good.


Can there be a person who can see through my flaunt and protect my weakness.


Motherly love is a giant that I can't read through my whole life; motherly love is a sky that I can never fly.


Kindness is not the brightness of the night, but it always brightens the future. Sincerity is not a flower in spring, but always shows hope.


I am not alone at all, because I am the only person in my world who is busy enough.


If I could be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky fall, because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.


The hardest thing in life is choice; the hardest thing in work is innovation; the most painful thing in life is self-distress; the most painful thing in life is grievance.


Living in other people's applause is most likely to lose oneself; in others' love, it is easy to weaken themselves.


Some people who are hurt will be braver, because they know it hurts most.


In the midsummer, it was so hot that dragonflies could only hang on the shade, as if they were afraid that the sun would hurt their wings.


Many times, in my mind, I do not think so, but I can not control myself and say the opposite.


Time did not wait for me, you forgot to take me away, my left hand never forget the glow, right hand is a decade of long meditation.


Everything will be fine, even if not today, one day.


Lovers are people who eat, talk, tell stories and quarrel together. They will go out together and walk together when their hair is white and when the weather is good.


The moon rose silently from the heart of the river, round and shiny as if it were a silver plate.


Take my hand and close your eyes and you will not lose your way.


Tell yourself, now you can't be crazy again lazy, the future is very important.


When you smile at yourself, there's nothing bothering you; when you are sincere with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.


The wind, gently blowing the bamboo forest, bamboo leaves in a slight tremor, like a long thin mouth in whispering.


A knife like hill carries a few lines of milky white mist, and a thin line is visible in the mist.


You can't ask everyone to read you, understand you, that will make you look cheap.


At the door there was a large blooming peach blossom, pink and pink, tender as if it could be turned into water.


Complaints are the greatest offerings that God obtains from human beings, and also the most faithful part of human prayer.


We may as well let it go, for it can make us feel less sorrowful; we may as well be less satisfied, because it can make us more sober.


The spring breeze is like a coloured pen, which makes the whole world more colorful.


No kind of rouge can daub time, no clothing can hide the soul, no set of ancient books can decorate emptiness.


I saw more than ten tall and big maple trees, maple leaves are red, like a pile of fire can not be extinguished.


The breeze is blowing on my face, so cool! When Ken walked into the cave of the Reed Flute Cave, the cold wind came towards me, and I could not help shivering.


In the evening, the lake was calm, the breeze was blowing, and there were waves. I put my feet in the lake and let the water lick my little feet. It was very comfortable.


If the memory is as hard as steel then should I smile or cry, if the steel is like memory corrosion then this is Huancheng or ruins?


Everyone has a world, quiet and lonely.


The taste of a long mouth is sour and sweet. It's so delicious! The sweet juice came to my heart.


There are some people who think you are important. If you don't contact him, he will never contact you.


The children who had been touched with words were never happy. Their joy was like a playful child wandering into the sky, wandering into the sky but refused to come back.


Spring bamboo shoots, one by one like cones, wearing light green clothes, smiling in the spring breeze, showering in the spring rain.


If we just meet, but we can not live together, life is best not to meet each other.


Hide in a certain time, miss a period of palm print; hide in a certain place, miss a standing in the road is also standing in the road, let me worry about people.


Life is wonderful because of sports, life is full because of fun, learning is profound because of thinking, making friends is sincere and lasting!


The angel's wings are broken and fall to the earth, and become our sorrow; the sincerity is thrown away by the bag, scattered into the world, and become the magic wand of Satan.


The real failure is not that you have not done anything, but that you have been willing to fail.


Every successful person has a beginning. The courage to start is the way to success.


The future is like this: when you stick to the rules, it will always be the same as your yesterday; when you are aggressive, it will turn into a brilliant spring.


To love someone is not necessarily to be a lover. Sometimes, being able to be friends is enough. A friend is a lifelong matter.


Many of the things we thought we would never forget in our lifetime are forgotten by us in the days we can't forget.


After growing up, this society taught me to be heartless, no feeling, no itching, no pain, no care.

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