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Sincere friendship connects transparent hearts. It always exudes tender and sweet fragrance.


In the bright blue sky, white clouds evoke deep memories, words, greetings from distant lovers.


May this little gift bring my heart to you, and may our friendship be as beautiful as a rainbow!


With my fervent heart, I sincerely pray for you: I wish you peace and happiness in this year.


Let's hold the sincere past with both hands and extend our friendship forever!


Whether the music of every drop of rain can excite the ripples in your heart and convey your heart.


The future of the cause is uncertain, and countless efforts are needed. I will make up for it with diligence and persevere in making achievements.


A gentle greeting, do not want to worry about you! I just want to know if you are all right.


May the bright sunshine, the vigor of youth, the beautiful appearance and the comfortable smile always belong to you!


I wish you and your loved ones a good meal, a good sleep, and no trouble all day. By the way, I wish you white and fat!


After all, we are brothers. After all, we are brothers. Why on earth can we become brothers?


I wish all the beautiful flowers in the world, blooming in the warm season, embellishing in your happy moments.


With understanding, friendship can last forever; with friendship, life can be valuable. Let's shine a light of understanding.


The morning breeze rings happy bells, my heart plays Happy Music and says "Good morning" to you.


Women are comfortable in the rolling world by all kinds of obstacles, with a sad heart, slowly go to old age alone, and end their lives.


No matter how long the road is, it can be completed step by step. No matter how short the road is, it can not be reached without taking both feet.


The morning breeze is gentle and autumn is intense, and a good night's dream will come true today. Early trip to greet the sunrise, diligent every day congratulations!


When winter comes, wear more clothes, warm temperature touches you, remember that it is my full thoughts.


There are two difficult points in the play of life: to hold oneself in front of the typhoon when the scenery is beautiful, and to be open-minded when the scenery is lonely behind the scenery.


Hello, my friend, you must be busy, take care of your health, your good friend!


When you go out, your wife tells you to drink less and eat more food. When you see a girl, don't love her. Come back with joy!


The hope of the heart, the new beginning, the harvest of the heart, the new starting point, the happiness of the heart. May health, happiness and wealth be with you forever!


In the arduous journey of life, may we turn into two lights - shining and warming each other.


In the face of friendship, people shine on each other rather than hinder each other, just like stars.


Sometimes I am busy, sometimes I forget; sometimes I am tired, sometimes I am lazy. But I'll still miss you and everything about you! uuuuuuuuuuuu Good morning!


Take a string of happy memories and make every moment eternal. Wish you happiness and a bright future.


When, let's drink a cup of friendship sweet wine, let's greet each other in the new day, bless each other and inspire each other.


We clasp our hands tightly to say goodbye, and let the feeling pass lightly in our hands, sharing an unforgettable warmth.


Do you remember the day when we watched the stars together on a beautiful moonlit night? Always concerned about you in the distance, I wish you all the best!


Spring has come, another beautiful travel season, travel wishes message, wish you a happy trip ah.


Many good things to you! A lot of smiles! Happy every second, happy every day, happy every year, healthy forever!


In the new September, I wish you special tenderness and beauty, special calmness and perseverance, and I hope you can go to the distant places you want to go.


You're the author of your life. Why bother writing the script? Good night, good friend!


Farewell to invite you to drink a cup of native water, you go all over the world, also do not forget to put home in the chest.


A whistle, falling in the wilderness, infinite melancholy loneliness, in the moment of parting, all breed from the heart.


Don't sigh at setbacks, just think of them as preparations you have to go through before you can make a big difference.

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