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Birthday candlelight flickers a season of flowers, each of which is our warm, pious wishes: Happy Birthday, what you want to achieve!


Pick a snowflake, string wishes into a white tree, dedicate a beautiful heart flower for your birthday.


Yingying today's sky is like water, love that year's water is like sky. Love is in my heart. Acacia is longer than dreams. Happy birthday to you!


Beast: Pig * your birthday is very merry. Congratulations on your wrinkles for another year! It's a step closer to the wrinkles on your face!


May your birthday bring you a most magnificent and brilliant life.


May the radio wave drive my blessing: Happiness, so that it can be delivered to you. Happy birthday to you! Happy everyday!


Tell me when you will come again and cultivate my barren smile to tie up my rudderless boat. I hope you are happy today!


Pig, you * ll grow fast! Pig, you * ll soon drop out! Happy birthday to you * pig!


Youth, sunshine and laughter. For this day that belongs to you, dance a happy rhythm to wish you a happy birthday and permanent youth!


My love opens for you, like white lightning breaking the sky; my love gallops for you, like red blood filling the body.


Today is my girlfriend's birthday. Happy birthday to her. May our friendship last forever!


I wish you a healthy and happy birthday. I wish you a healthy and happy birthday every day. I wish you all your wishes come true.


I hope that the grass in your heart will be evergreen, youthful and smiling. Happy birthday, CNC milling machine, health and happiness!


May the sun everyday bring me not only light but also happiness. Happy birthday to you!


At last, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Happy birthday! Very touched you, then continue to move, hip-hop.


It's tulip day, it's your day. May this day of your year be auspicious and fragrant!


Let the wind carry our blessings and let the clouds relax their happy mood. Happy birthday, good luck!


Rising harbour, secretly engrave happiness in your heart, with a thread of love, you and I are tightly tied to the end of the changes of years.


If wishes work before blowing candles, can you still like me as a birthday gift?


May the closer the hand of kinship is, the closer the hearts are. Happy birthday to you, my best sister!


Zhuge Liang didn't take any soldiers before he came out of the mountain. Why do you want me to have working experience? Happy birthday to myself!


May your birthday be filled with green thoughts and golden dreams.


Let me bless you, let me laugh for you, because on your birthday today, my heart is as happy as you!


Give me my gift, take my heart, I believe you will be very happy. Happy birthday!


Look left, look right, look back and forth, look straight, look sideways, look upside down, it seems to see, today you are the most lovely, bless you, happy birthday!


Let love bring you happiness, let friendship bring you happiness, let today's flowers laugh for you, happy birthday!


Water is the home of clouds, and clouds are the vagrants of water. Yuner always remembers the birthday of Shui's hometown, Shui'er always cares about the attachment of cloud.


Today is your birthday, and I have never forgotten to wish you a happy birthday and permanent youth on this special day.


May all the joy and joy pour into your window today when your birthday arrives!


Let my blessings float into your ears like the sweet bell and stay in your heart. Happy birthday to you!


An unswerving friendship, persistent blessings, to my missing brothers and sisters, warm greetings.


Although I can't spend it with you, today is an extraordinary day, in a distant place, I wish you a happy birthday!


Every creature's birth adds a color to this colorful world, and you are the most beautiful one. Happy birthday to you!


Green is the color of life, green is the romance of life, so I chose this green world, a friend's birthday to you.


Beautiful flowers have bloomed for you, and a beautiful day has come quietly. Happy birthday to my dear colleagues!


Life is rich and full of joy, life is sweet, happy, happy, happy, happy.


The longer the young trees grow, the more lush the flowers of life grow. On your birthday, please accept my best wishes for you.


Give me my gift and take my heart with you. I firmly believe that you will be very happy. Happy Birthday!


Friends, in this beautiful day, grasp the happiness that belongs to you. Happy birthday to you!


Today is my girlfriend's birthday! Honey, I'm your bosom friend, I wish you happy!


May you sow in the season of hope and reap in the joy of autumn! Happy birthday! Be promoted step by step!


In you, I understand the meaning of life and see the real light of life... Happy birthday to you!


Wishing you: Happiness is like Lao Wang Ba in the East China Sea, longevity is bigger than Nanshan Stone.


May your memories today be warm, your dreams today be sweet, your year be joyful, and your birthday be wonderful!


Do you know? Today is your birthday. I hope you have a good day today. Always be with happiness!


May you be like a seed, bravely breaking through the sand, stretching out the green buds on the ground and pointing to the sky.


Green is the color of life, green is the romance of life, so I chose this green world to give you my birthday.


It's a good start again. May my sincere wishes bring you a successful year. Happy Birthday to you!


Today is your birthday, I wish you seven happy weeks, Pepsi-Cola, Fanta!

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