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Calculate it for you. Today, after you receive my text message, you will be in a good mood, and more people will send you text messages, because today is National Day.


Blue sky, green grass, National Day holiday exciting. The mountains are beautiful and the water is clear. We travel hand in hand everywhere. Bundle your belly and buy less clothes. This year's fee is yours!


The Eleventh Festival is coming, mobile phone text messages are full, bless the soft hand, sweet heart of the game honey bar, my blessings have come, leave a place for me, 11 happy!


May your troubles follow the wind, blow to the sky, be happy and blow to you face to face. Daoshun, Renshun and everything goes smoothly. Hello, hello, everybody. Happy National Day.


Long time no see, very miss. In this long National Day holiday, I often recall the years of coexistence. Find some time, place, bring blessings, and have a very good experience! uuuuuuuuuuuu


Mid-Autumn Festival, the 11th banishment, lingering blessings, time in a hurry to blossom and fall, friendship has gone through the storm, in this festival I sincerely wish you happy every day, happy every second!


Oh dear! Bad boy, today is your mother's birthday. Where are you crazy? Hurry home for dinner, or wait for kneeling washboard! Haha, Happy Birthday to Mother of the motherland!


The National Day holiday is seven days long, so we should go outdoors for a stroll; adjust our mindset to be happy, feel the breeze in nature; eat delicious food for a few cups, happy National Day is extremely relaxed.


Missing is the fragrance of flowers throughout the valley, covering you and me, and blessings are boundless attention, overflowing eyes, until the bottom of my heart. Happy National Day!


Country first, home followed, then comes you and me. Happy National Day to my dear father and mother! Good health!


National Day is celebrated everyday. Everything is easy in Chongyang. In this era of peace and happiness, I wish your family a happy holiday! Good health!


Pack happiness, wrap happiness around it, take happiness as wings, and send joy to your heart. National Day has arrived. I wish you happiness every day and every moment of your life! uuuuuuuuuuuu


The ribbons flying all over the street turn into concerns and send them to you remotely. I hope our concern will not be the time for National Day.


Libra tourism will be elegant to the end. The gardens of Suzhou, Yangshuo of Guilin, the beautiful town and the ancient city with cultural heritage can arouse your interest and elegance.


Celebrate the National Day and the whole country! In this beautiful day, let me accompany you with my sincere wishes! Wish: Everything is going well, everything is going well, home and everything is going well! Happy National Day!


Rivers push us to the sea, dawn brings us a bright morning; Dear teacher, you lead us to a magnificent life, the teacher wishes you a happy National Day!


On May Day, for the sake of Zhou Yumin, Zhang Yishan Dai Jun went to Huangzheng. All the way, he was in a mood of Xu Fei and sang Hu Song, showing Eric Yaowei, thinking of Cai Guoqing and looking forward to dawn.


Family affairs, state affairs and world affairs, everything goes smoothly; you celebrate everybody's celebration, celebrating everyday, traveling all over the motherland most want mother, the world most want motherland.


Just sent off the beautiful Chang'e, and ushered in the birthday of the motherland. I take this opportunity goes to you my heartfelt blessing: I wish you all the best and every success!!


You're my chocolate, I'm your chocolate. How beautiful it is to see you and think of your powerlessness. Looking forward to meeting you on National Day!


Once attachment and old, will become the memory of the beautiful, light love smile, so that today's heartache into a bridge to tomorrow's happiness! Happy Eleven, old friend!


Autumn is the harvest season, Autumn is a tempting moment. May your harvest always be as fruitful as autumn, and your laughter always be as blooming flowers.


National Day is counting down. Best wishes for the journey. Greetings are already on the way. Missing is still concerned. I believe you will not be lonely. I wish you a happy National Day and happiness forever!


Read and forward this message as soon as possible will be a major award. The prize is the most precious, the most difficult to find, the most unique and sincere blessing in the world. Happy Eleventh.


The red flag is flying in the wind. Everyone smiles, carries a bag on his shoulder, takes the old and the young, and runs towards happiness. It is rare for the National Day holiday. Happiness is the most important! Wish you a happy family, happiness and well-being! uuuuuuuuuuuu


The dancing ribbon is my concern, the boisterous gongs and drums are my blessings. National Day is coming. I wish you and your family prosperity, harmony and beauty, happy!


Seven days of National Day holiday, happy endless, after the first day of work I wish you a happy mood, easy work, successful career, adjust the holiday mentality to work well!


The motherland is beautiful in thousands of miles, and the land of Shenzhou is beautiful in flowers. It's a rare day to be in a good mood and pack your bags for a trip. Many treasures along the way, the harvest is happier and more enjoyable.


In the golden autumn, harvest season, may my sincere smile accompany your most beautiful National Day, deeply wishing you a happy National Day and a brilliant career!


It's another golden autumn month, celebrating the National Day with joy. There are no gorgeous words, but there are sincere thoughts and simple greetings. Wish you a happy National Day and all the best!


May you have a good mood every day during the National Day holidays and have a sweet dream every night, so that you can be cared for and cared for by others all the time! uuuuuuuuuu Dreams come true, happiness!


Goose, to the south, line up, the river is long, the autumn grass is yellow, and the cattle and sheep are babbling. May the goose bring you joy and happiness, and wish you a happy National Day!


At this moment, I have my deepest thoughts. Let the clouds carry your heartfelt wishes and embellish your sweet dreams. May you have a happy National Day holiday.


Warm Tip: Today's 11th you will feel a different kind of happiness from the past, because after seeing the text message, your smile has proved that you are happier than others.


It's National Day again. On this day of national celebration, I hope you are happy as night and happy forever. Happy National Day!


Alpine arched ridges, stepping on foot, winding Yangtze River and Yellow River, holding hands, life is not humble, rising China is the rising sun of the East.


Maybe you said you were lonely, maybe you were hesitant, but now you have me, forget the past, I will accompany you in the future, National Day I am with you!

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