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Good health, good dream round. Family, the double swallow fly together.


The knot I wish you, good luck one hundred! Happy marriage, sweet!


True love is the combination of all combined with the most pure, bless you.


Congratulations on you're getting married! I wish you a happy, always be in love, wedding day!


May your home like a garden of Eden and good - harmonic, the ground like the day!


Male and female female male gender equality, respect woman she JingFu couple on a blind date.


Twin room candle JiaoGeng yuanyang, conjugal love offerings and feng luan two affectionate!


Looking forward to a long marriage long, endless good calculation, dearer oil salt sauce vinegar.


I will hug you tightly in my arms, kiss you one hundred million times, the fiery kiss like above the equator.


Three big life, my dear friends, in the day of your wedding, I sincerely wish you a happy wedding!


A flower is a rose, door blooms are also not open; Couples in pairs for tonight, beauty down hair.


Your family, become a big church revival strength; Also be a great contribution to society and national!


He is a word, you are spectrum, the two of you is a harmonious song. A match made in heaven, be a happy couple!


Love each other and happiness with concentric happiness. May you two deep feeling than the sea! Wedding day!


Light a happy couple, bridal chamber took tithonus up to two love flowers strike together colourful feng wedding like lapras.


Baishan blackwater yu kaida, qilu earth talk; Kam shan water duck the awaken of spring, the one hundred year good together!


Blended lotus BingDi open, feeling heart; The branch knot, nevertheless were! May our one hundred, tie the fly wing to wing!


This is born of a couple, you need to take care of each other understand each other more in the future, best wishes to you!


Glittering and translucent snow bride, holy wedding dress pretty bride. Blow out suona fairy sister, drums on purple lip colour.


The bride and groom "husband and wife, life method would; First-born double a afterlife, put aside the soil foot climb in her arms.


Would be glad to and you work together, struggle together, I will never forget the days when we grow together share the joys and sorrows.


Wedding ritual will coming, wish happiness. Since life shadow in pairs, have bitterness with fraternal. Wedding day!


Today is the day of your marriage, I congratulate you on behalf of my family, I wish you both happy, forever Chou xielao!


You this is born of a couple, a pair of, now a total of kai, need more tolerant to each other in the future, I wish good luck one hundred!


Every year, I put the first ray of spring and New Year card sent to you together; Spring is always be with you, my dear teacher!


Today is the beauty of your wedding day, I congratulate you on behalf of my family, I wish you both happy, forever Chou xielao!


The boundless huge crowd to find her, clear is one thousand years ago in a period of fate, I wish you both happiness, total harmonic coyly.


Wish all shall be well, jack shall have Jill, former life doomed, tie the knot. Colleague newly-married exultation! Good luck in one hundred!


In the boundless huge crowd to find her, clear is one thousand years ago in a period of fate, I wish you both happiness, total harmonic coyly.


Wish you the fire of true love, like the rising sun, the longer the more prosperous; Many waters cannot quench, neither can the floods drown it.


The wind will take my blessing, I sincerely wishes cloud will serve! Let this lingering verse in tomorrow ring in happiness for you!


Bridegroom handsome as niche, the bride beautiful like flowers each other; Next year, this year to eat sweet tea, please embrace filial piety was born.


God-given good marriage everyone has perfect match no card wheel; Harps offerings and Rachel bead early, early birth of the shadow of her husband.


The bride beautiful looks like fairy, destined to good marriage of heaven and earth; At home, parents good coach, should respect to teach the young.


Out of the hand of love, to the blessings of ying ying, let happiness blossom brilliant flowers, face the future with you. Wish you a happy wedding!


Two of a kind is the highest realm of the relative LiangWu, bless you are truly in love, hand in hand meet forever! Congratulations on your wedding jubilee!


Yingqin suona high into the clouds, invited to the phoenix wedding. Plates touch the drunk flower Yin, beautiful and charming is marry. Wish you good luck one hundred!


You say this is good, the good luck thing is hurt, really want to six, but hate ruthless person, to move the pieces back together again, only that the world wake up.


The seas run dry and the rocks crumble knot, the land is vast sky colorful fly, candle smiling qian xi cranes, bridal chamber like open and head of may. Wedding day!

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